How The Ticket Magician Helps Make your Life Easier

Picture this. Two of the biggest football teams set to clash in the largest stadium in your city. So you buy tickets in hopes of selling them for a better price. After all, no way people won't be flocking in hordes to this intense match, right?

Yet as the fated day draws near, you still have a thick pack of tickets left to sell. And it doesn't seem to be thinning out anytime soon. What's wrong? For one, people most likely found cheaper deals elsewhere. Left with no other choice, you begrudgingly sell your tickets at a loss.

See, you might not find yourself in the same dire situation, but the idea remains the same. Selling tickets is no easy job. More often than not, it's a matter of luck and timing − a gamble, to be exact.

But not when you have The Ticket Magician on your side. Curious? Here's how the service changes the lives of hundreds of ticket sellers out there – for the better.

Meet The Ticket Magician

Tired of waiting for your tickets to sell? Got spare tickets you want to get rid of? Afraid of getting scammed or ripped off by commission fees? If you've answered yes to all these questions, then The Ticket Magician is your guy.

Think of it as a marketplace to sell your tickets more efficiently. Yes, it's not the first to offer this type of service, nor is it one-of-a-kind. Many companies also buy tickets online. But one thing is for sure: The Ticket Magician is one of the best. But before hopping on to that, let's see how it compares with the big names out there.

The Ticket Magician vs. StubHub & Friends

StubHub has always been the go-to for online ticket selling. All you need to do is post on the site and go through a set of listing details to finish things up. Then that's it. Obviously, StubHub will take up a commission fee for every sale. That said, you can choose to have your earnings deposited to your PayPal or receive it in cheque via mail. Other sites that operate similarly include SeatGeek, TicketMaster, and VividSeats.

So what does The Ticket Magician do differently from these companies? Well, here's how it works:

  1. First, you fill out a ticket sales form with your contact, ticket, and payment information.
  2. Next, a member of the sales team will reach out and discuss the details of your request.
  3. Finally, The Ticket Magician will immediately pay for your tickets once a deal is made.

Easy as that. No need to stress out waiting for your tickets to sell. But if you're not convinced entirely just yet, below are several reasons why The Ticket Magician holds the key to an easier life racking ticket sales.

Benefits of Using The Ticket Magician

Better Ticket Sales

At first glance, selling a ticket on StubHub seems like a pretty straightforward business. You post tickets, someone buys them, and then you get paid. Easy, right? But remember that you're also competing with hundreds of other ticket sellers on the site.

Some of these folks are newbies who put up tickets for the lowest price just to make a sale. There could also be people who're looking to get rid of extra tickets. The thing is, they're likely going to list their tickets cheap, and people will grab those instead of yours. Bad news.

But you won't have to worry about unsold goods when dealing with The Ticket Magician. The company can buy most, if not all of your stuff so long as both sides agree on a reasonable price. Less chances of sleepless nights calculating deficits and thinking about how to get back your losses.

Saves You Time

Let's face it. Time is one of the few extremely limited resources in life. It always seems that you've got so much to do but so little time to do it. And waiting for tickets to sell can be a waste of precious time.

Why? Because StubHub and similar sites typically process payments within 5-8 business days. This can be quite a pain, especially when one needs the money for emergencies.

By striking a deal with The Ticket Magician, you can sell tickets faster than putting them up on the big sites. Plus, you'll get paid immediately – no more waiting!

So if you're holding extra tickets bought by accident, you'll quickly back the initial price. If it's for business, the time saved can be used to hunt more tickets and increase your profit.

No Money Lost on Commission Fees

Did you know? StubHub collects a 10-25% sell fee for every ticket sale. According to the University of Northern Iowa, the buyer typically pays a 10% fee while 15% of the sale will be deducted from the seller. Based on this, someone will pay $55 for a ticket priced at $50, and the seller will receive $47.5.

Not cool, huh? Nothing you can do about it, though, since that's how the company makes money. On the bright side, part of the fees protects both parties from fraud and ensures a healthy marketplace for everyone.

Still, this type of transaction sucks for you as a seller. You're basically being robbed, in a sense. But with The Ticket Magician, you'll get the exact amount you initially agreed on for your tickets. So why settle for less when you have the option to maximize your revenue?

You Get to Avoid Scammers

You might have thought about selling your tickets at Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to dodge StubHub's insane fees. Not bad. However, it's not the best idea. It actually increases your chances of getting scammed since it's harder to verify the buyer's identity.

So, what makes The Ticket Magician any different? Well, there's no denying that the name Ticket Magician sounds quite suspicious at first. Scary, yes. But rest assured, you're in good hands.

First off, the company is run by real people with real reputations to maintain. In addition, it's got a legit list of satisfied customers ready to vouch for the service. You can even reach out to these people if that helps put your mind at ease. Another thing, payments are made through PayPal. So in the unlikely event that The Ticket Magician scams you, you can always issue a refund under buy protection.

The Bottom Line

Ticket selling on big sites can be a huge hassle. Disadvantageous at times too. But not with The Ticket Magician. Whether you're selling tickets for a living or simply getting rid of extra ones, you can trust the Ticket Magician to provide you with a safe, convenient, and fair marketplace.